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NATEX Intermodal

CDL A best local jobs in CHICAGO NATEX

NATEX is an asset-based third-party logistics leader. We don't have a "one size fits all" solution; rather, we meet with our customers to learn about their business, determine their unmet needs, then design a solution to improve their supply chain. NATEX doesn't just move freight; instead, we move information as we recognize the important role of information in supporting our customers' operations.

We Are Not Your Ordinary, Internet Trucking Job Site!

We are the only Internet Trucking Job site that does not require personal, sensitive information!!!! Our application will take less than 10 seconds to fill out. And your information is sent immediately to us. Some drivers are hired before they even get off the computer!

We are are company that you are looking for. Best company for Owner Operators. Natex not only gives you a job, but it gives you a chance to grow. Just by moving freight, you can get enough. Enough to start up your own business that can help you and Natex both. A lot of people are unaware of this opportunity, as this is one of the best in the Drayage-Intermodal Industry. A lot of drivers have now started up their own businesses through Natex and are getting a lot of money for it.
Again, we make sure that we have an option for ALL drivers. New, inexperienced or drivers with some marks on their record have an option with our company. And experienced drivers with good records are in high demand here. Natex offers a lot for their drivers as it: • It gives them a chance to open their own businesses through them. • It gives a good amount of profits and rewards for doing the job right. • It provides the best local trucking job in Chicago.

Do you want to switch a job?

Are you looking for a job with benefits and a less hectic routine? We assume that you are on the right platform.

Truck driving jobs in Chicago are now considered as a source of handsome income. So, start a career with us and grab a hold on your future career. CDL jobs in Chicago create a platform for various drivers to carry the freight.
Are you craving to get hands-on experience in the drayage intermodal sector? If yes, then NATEX has got you all occupied and secured.

If you really need a boom in the career then what are actually waiting for? Natex offers the best ever CDL truck driving jobs in Chicago. NATEX is known to be the earliest company to offer truck driving jobs in Chicago. Let’s dig into the opportunities that the company recommends.

Technological advancement in freight:

Does it become dreadful when the fear of delayed freight haunts you? Blow off your worries because the company provides something special. CDL truck driving job becomes pretty much convenient for drivers and for clients too. In this industry, NATEX came up with CDL truck driving jobs in Chicago to boost the market. The company is offering a REAL-TIME tracking system.

REAL-TIME tracking system offers the client to visualize or keep track of their orders. Through this tracking advancement, intermodal jobs have become easier than before. Moreover, local truck driving jobs in Chicago stand out among the other jobs. Drivers who are experts in CDL can surely gain huge benefits throughout.

Local truck driving jobs and opportunities:

The demand for freight was gradually increasing.  Therefore, local truck driving jobs in Chicago demanded a massive army of drivers.  We ensure the safety for drivers and their commute. Do you want to know a few facts about the engagement of the company with clients? Here you go!

The company provides a client with the following facilities:

  • This job and company offers you to have a partner for your long commute
  • CDL drivers required
  • Training will be free for drivers.
  • The company pays 30% from gross $300-$400 per day.

Furthermore, NATEX will not only lead you in the driving sector but will accommodate in several ways. You will surely be granted dental, health and other benefits. Therefore, a good remuneration is attracting you towards the transportation sector.


Owner Operators

$1000+ per day Gross

Company drivers

30% from gross $300-400/day

Best Local-Regional Jobs

For CDL -A owner operators

Concern for clients:

A local truck driving job in Chicago is indeed a problematic job. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of the drivers. Still, our company knows how and what to offer the clients. NATEX provides easy and convenient services. Reliable delivery makes the client less dreadful. However, over 200 drivers working here wholeheartedly are indeed skillful.

The company offers few services to the clients that are listed below:

  • Offers safe delivery of goods and services.
  • Intermodal solutions become affordable with logistic experts.
  • CDL truck driving jobs in Chicago can provide access to REAL TIME tracking opportunities.
  • Advanced methods for the shipment.
  • Fast and steady drayage within no time.

Surely, the main concern the company has is of drivers and clients. Do you even trust those who do not commit rightly? If no, then NATEX is the best option for you. Register to the site and get amused by the services they offer. Indeed, these transportation services will support you to start your own business too. Do not miss the chance to avail of the assistance.

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Mike started as a truck driver for Natex and was presented with this opportunity. He took this and is now making a lot of money through Natex to support his family. He is doing very well and is very happy with his current situation.

Mike Richardson


This is the best trucking job in Chicago you can get; I am thankful to Natex for giving me such an opportunity.

Jose Rodriguez