Diesel Oil change

Diesel oil change is a consistent part of the maintenance mandatory for diesel vehicles. Just similar to a car or an automobile that moves on gas, diesel engines need the suitable lubrication to retain them in good working sequence. A synthetic diesel oil change, under the correct circumstances, can


Intermodal services

Intermodal services contain many terms. Here are some terms that help us to understand the concept of intermodal services. Our company NATEX intermodal from Chicago have all types of intermodal services. Intermodal Drayage In the world of transportation and logistics, intermodal drayage is an inclusive term. Intermodal Intermodal means utilizing more than one means

Containerization & Shipping Containers 1

Containerization & Shipping Containers

There is a sharp distinction between the term “Container” and “Containerization” which needs to be explained for clear-cut understanding. The term a container or an intermodal container means a large standardized shipping container or metal box into which cargoes are packed systematically for shipment abroad. The container is designed and built as a loading unit which

container shipping

Why do shipping lines lease containers?

The leading container shipping lines have their global network of services connecting the major trade routes. They have sizeable fleet of containers of their own to meet their global business requirements. Nevertheless it is neither operationally acceptable nor cost effective to maintain 100 per cent own containers to do business by the shipping lines. In order

Safety is Job One for Truck Drivers

Safety Tips for New Truck Drivers!

Safety is the top priority for truck drivers. A driver can take precautions to help ensure they have a safe trip traveling on the nation’s highways and roads. Getting plenty of rest and staying physically fit, maintaining a healthy diet is a great start. A well-balanced lifestyle can play

Company Paid CDL Training

What is Company Paid CDL Training?

The definition of Company Paid CDL Training is when a trucking company pays for your tuition cost upfront and in exchange you agree to work for them as a company driver. The actual terms for each company may vary but the basic concept is the same. The company pays for your

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