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NATEX is basically an Illinois company meant for trucking which actually serves all across all areas of the entire country.  Their main trademark is that they have such a good management system that they make sure that the shipment arrives on the time. Chicago truck driving jobs are available regularly. It considered as the oldest trucking business company than all the other trucking companies.

Unique thing about NATEX Intermodal is that it gives the allegiance to the client business partners that they will make sure to provide items faultless. Their drivers offer safe and sound delivery of client’s goods. Their one more thing is that this transportation company backs the new ones to start their own businesses.

A huge amount of goods that are loaded in large cargo containers in china is sent to Chicago through the Pacific Ocean from where the load in carried in rails from china to the trucks which are used for local transportation. Due to the COVID-19 container volume fell up to 25% percent in the last month at the Los Angeles Port which is right now the biggest port in the country and the decline in container volume is very enormous.

NATX intermodal and covid 19

Intermodal Trucking and Connection with coronavirus for the Chicago area and Illinois 1

COVID-19 has made some distrustfulness for the transport related industry in the year 2020. Contract rates are going down and in the mean time as spot rates are accelerating at a rapid rate. First quarter of this year was very tight for this industry but hope to get a bit relief in the next quarter. According to NATEX, this year will be totally different as compared to 2019.

They are very cautious on the outlook of 2020 because of many factors like trade negotiations and coming elections but the major factor is COVID-19. But at the same time they are optimistic that things will move in right way in second half of the year. Corona virus has impacted the transportation industry very worse.

If we talk about this truck driving job, it’s very pathetic and there is a huge responsibility on the driver’s shoulders. NATEX obviously knows how and what to offer to its clients. It’s actually gives very easy and relaxing services. Right now, this company is working with 200 skilful drivers who are giving their best to achieve the good reputation. Moreover, their one more good quality is that they give flexibility in timings to their drivers and hence they can alter their job times.

Company makes sure the following services for its worthy clients:

  • Safe and sound delivery of goods.
  • Also provides real time tracking opportunities.
  • Uses advanced methods for shipment.
  • Intermodal solutions become very affordable with logistic experts.
  • Fast and steady cost of hauling within minimum time.

New job in NATEX

 NATEX intermodal plays the key role in providing the assistance and guideline for its new ones for starting their own businesses. Company’s main concern is eventually its clients and drivers. They commit rightly. Many drivers were a burden on the nation but now they are holding their families and serving them in an outstanding way. If anyone is looking for beneficial and less hectic routine and further you can get hands-on experience in NATEX and you job is very much secure here. NATEX gives you a bloom in your career and offers best ever CDL truck driving jobs in Chicago.

Company is an asset-based third-party logistics leader. This company meets with its customers to learn about their businesses and determine their unmet needs and hence NATEX will be able to design a solution to improve the supply chain. The needs of the clients of this company very a lot so we get a chance to get great experience to work across many industries. It is firm that without the clients, the company has nothing to operate. That’s why this company’s first commitment is its clients and healthy business is the key. To turn the clients into a family atmosphere, company succeeds until clients succeed.

It is ensuring the safety of their drivers and making it checked that their contact with their clients is healthy and there is no panic going on and to prevent the chaos they are employing more drivers with special allowance and great wages to get their business going because COVID-19 has hit USA very adversely and according to President Trump if one to two lakhs died, then this is not uncertain. Even the experts are expecting the deaths to reach twenty-two lakhs.


Company is making sure to drop the supplies at right time and to fulfill the commitment they are looking after safety of their drivers and if symptoms appearing in any driver worker, they are shifting him to nearer hospital and company is advertising for jobs so that there is no issue of lack of drivers and there is no problem is number of drivers.

Moreover company is looking to get contact with the clients constantly so to solve any issue coming in their goods transportation. If any industry is closed and client’s goods are not ready, they are informing it to the client on proper time and they are trying to manage quicker supply of goods and only way is to increase the number of drivers and they are doing it quite effectively.

NATEX is trying to keep services easy and relax-able so that clients are not stuck in trouble and start leaving contracts with company  and don’t get their goods in overtime and with extra headache and making its best to meet the customer’s needs and don’t fell short of that because such type of company is only run by true commitment and if commitment not comes right then company goes in huge deficit and it’s very difficult for stakeholders to keep drivers and other staff of company happy i.e. there will be huge cut-off in their pays which will tend to un satisfaction of the workers and the company will move towards down graph and major affect on its reputation will be seen. So NATEX is utilizing its best resources to get maximum output and to ensure the worthy trust of the customers to excel and to in fact to deal with COVID-19 which is just hitting USA very hard and every coming day is much worse than the previous day.

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